A Fascinating Look At Ancient Objects And How They Were Used

This video looks at a variety of unusual objects from the annuals of history and how they were used. The first is Urumi, a sword-whip that can be flung around and deeply cut those it attacks. Unfortunately, it can also easily cause injury to the users themselves and it is considered one of the most difficult to master. Even stopping or changing direction of the blade-whips is considered advanced, and users must become masters of momentum.

It is made up of a covered sword handle and whip-like tendrils that are covered in flexible and insanely sharp steel. First invented in Kerala, one of the states of South India, it is an essential part of their ancient martial art Kalaripayattu, one of the oldest recorded martial arts at over 2000 years old. Due to the danger of trying to use a sword-whip as a standard, its use is usually taught last within the martial art program.

When not in use, the blade is often wrapped around the user like a belt, making it fashionable. Despite the martial art nearly dying out, a twentieth century revival brought back interest to the Urumi and many ceremonial displays are still performed around the world. In fact, other countries such as Sri Lanka have their own versions.

This version however takes it one step further and introduces more blades and even dual-wielding! A badass and historical, the Urumi would be the last thing you would want to see on the battlefield.

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