Someone Edited Star Wars To Give R2D2 A Voice And It's Awesome

Admittedly there's so many fantastic and likeable characters within the Star Wars franchise that it's extremely hard to narrow it down to just one individual that towers above them all.

Even the undoubted popularity of Darth Vader is matched by people's love for Yoda - you just can't split the two. But R2D2 certainly has to the dark horse in among the pack, a character without a voice yet one who exerted an incredible amount of influence over events.

He was played an integral role in many of the early films important plot lines and as a result is loved and celebrated universally by Star Wars and pop culture fans a like. But what if R2D2 could actually speak? What would he say? What would he sound like? And above all, would it change your perception of him?

Well wonder no more, here's R2D2 finally given the voice and some lines. The question is, do you prefer this version of him or the original?

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